Sunday, June 8, 2014

All That Is Unfair

Life just really gets to me sometimes. I know I spend too much time thinking. Maybe that is one of the downfalls of living alone. My mind has been racing lately as I have thought about my friends and family and the things that they are required to face. I just keep thinking how unfair some of these things are.

How is it fair that a perfect spirit came in an imperfect body and has to fight pain every single day?

How is that fair that a mom of three young children has a rare form a cancer that the doctors don't know how to treat and will most likely take her from her family?

How is it fair that there are so many unwanted children in the world, but those I know that would love and adore these babies are struggling to bring their own into the world?

How is it fair that a tender-hearted little boy is now faced with a disease that leaves him not feeling well and could potentially alter his future?

How is it fair that people leave this world, sometimes early on in their lives, and are taken home when we still need them and are not ready to let them go?

How is it fair that innocent children have to suffer because of choices made by those who are supposed to protect them?

How is it fair that people are faced with mental and emotional illness that tries to control their life and they are forced to live a constant battle?

The situations are endless. How? How is this all fair? As I have thought about this today a quote popped into my mind from a General Relief Society Meeting:

"All that is unfair about life will be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

Life was not meant to be fair. It can't be. If it was we would not need our Savior. When I first heard this quote I thought about after this life, the resurrection, and that someday all of these trials and struggles really would be made right.

But now I truly believe that this means in this life too. Maybe making it right doesn't mean that it will go away. Maybe making it right doesn't mean that the sick will be healed. Maybe making it right doesn't mean that we will receive the desires of our hearts in the exact moment that we want them. Maybe it just means that no matter what, He is there.

Though we cannot see him, His arms are constantly wrapped around us. He knows. He is aware. He is watching. He is helping. We just have to trust that. We are not left alone.

I'm sure if you looked up the definition of "made right" it would not be defined as perfect, or how we want, or in the way we see fit. Through the Atonement, everything will be made right for us, how we need it. God knows where we need to go, what we need to experience, and who we need to become. Is it always going to turn out fair in our eyes? No, but He is always fair. It will be made right.

I guess what I have been feeling lately is that even though it is heartbreaking, and it seems that no one should ever be required to endure these things, and sometimes it is frightening, it really will be okay in the end. The Lord will strengthen us when need be. He will walk every step of every unfair situation with us. He will carry us through. He knows. He knows! It is on Him that we should rely. He is our hope. We can't let go.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this, Em. It was needed. :)

Wendy said...

Annette Walker said...

Wow Em. I have been without internet for the week so I just saw this. Very insightful. It is so true, our Savior makes all of the difference. We cannot get through this life and into the next without Him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love you.